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JD Lawn Landscaping Service Manassas VA
JD Lawn Fertilization Service Manassas VA
JD Lawn Landscaping Service Manassas VA

Complete, Professional
Lawn Care for Your Home or Business

JD Lawn Services provides comprehensive, professional lawn installation, maintenance, and management services for homes and businesses. From initial soil testing analysis, seeding, or sod installation to aeration, mowing, edging, and irrigation, JD Lawn Services does it all. Keep your lawn healthy year-round with our lawn fertilization, 8-Step Lawn Application Program, lawn pest, and disease control treatments.

JD Lawn Irrigation Service Manassas VA
JD Lawn Landscaping Service VA

Relax while we keep your lawn Healthy & Green!

8-Step Lawn Application Program

Our 8-Step Lawn Application Program

Our landscape & lawn experts tackle the toughest challenges of Virginia's hot, humid climate to grow the greenest lawns in the region!

We use homogenous blended granular fertilizers containing 50% organic materials, applied at manufacturers' recommended rates per 1,000 square feet of common property turf areas. Our 8--Step Lawn Application Program starts in early spring and continues through late fall, with lawn industry recommended treatments applied by our licensed applicators.


Early Spring Lawn Weed Control

Pre-emergent weed control, as needed to prevent weeds from germinating. Enjoy fewer weeds & a healthier lawn.


Early Spring Lawn Fertilization

Application of a synthetic organic fertilizer with slow-release nitrogen to jumpstart early spring growth & a strong base.


Mid-Spring Lawn Application

Balanced fertilizer with slow-release nitrogen to to feed grass for better resilience & strength.


Late-Spring Lawn Fertilizer Application

Broadleaf weed control as needed to prevent new weed growth & weed spread for a thick, green, healthy lawn. 


Lawn Insect
Control Application

Pet-safe lawn insecticide to help control white grubs & other surface-feeding insects & lawn pests to prevent damage.


Summer Lawn Fertilizer Application

Balanced organic fertilizer applied at summer rates to prevent burn during hot, humid Virginia summers. 


Early Fall Lawn Fertilizer Application

Balanced slow-release nitrogen fertilizer applied at fall rates to prepare your lawn for cooler fall & winter weather.


Late Fall Lawn Fertilizer Application

Balanced fertilizer slow-release nitrogen, applied at a double rate of potassium to help increase winter hardiness & spring green-up. 

Lawn Services

Details About Our Lawn Care Services


Our standard removal of plugs of soil from your lawn minimizes thatch buildup and soil compaction to allow oxygen, water, and lawn nutrients to reach the root zones of your lawn. Overseeding following aeration helps grass seed get established and grow in a deeper nutrient-dense layer of soil.


Benefits of Lawn Aeration:

• Enables your lawn to better absorb oxygen, water, and essential lawn nutrients at the root level

• Minimizes water runoff and soil erosion

• Breaks up thatch and loosens compacted soil to allow growth of a stronger lawn root system


Our lawn mowing and maintenance services include precise edging of your lawn along sidewalks and curbs to eliminate growth creep and to create a clean, finished, manicured appearance. 


Soils and lawn nutrient needs vary by neighborhood and location. Our certified team of lawn experts ensures your lawn gets the proper combination of nutrients at the right time. Our standard 8-Step Lawn Care Program includes 8 applications of expertly formulated fertilizer, which also includes fall lime & fungicide treatments for a healthier, greener, thicker lawn in just one year!

Benefits of Custom Lawn Fertilization:

• Soil testing identifies your unique lawn and soil nutrition needs

• Optimizes the proper lawn and soil nutrients for dramatic improvement in your lawn's appearance

• Builds a strong lawn root system to help your lawn resist and thrive in extreme weather conditions


Virginia's hot, humid summers create an environment for fungus growth. Our application of fungicide will remove any fungi or spores from your lawn and ensure no future fungus or mushroom growth and prevent any previous fungus problems from coming back.



Lawn grubs feast on your lawn's roots and leach nutrients from the soil. The best way to control grubs is to kill them before they hatch and begin to cause damage to your lawn. Our treatments for grubs prevent and control the grubs in your lawn at every life stage. 

PEST CONTROL: Mosquitos, Fleas, Ticks

These nuisance pests carry diseases, putting your family and pets at risk. Flying and crawling insects can prevent you from enjoying outdoor activities. Insect infestations can easily enter your home. We apply seasonal and targeted applications of pest control products to prevent and control these invasions. Protect your family’s health with our Insect Control Treatment.

LAWN MOWING - Residential & Commercial

Our lawn mowing services include mowing and string trimming of all turf on a 7–10-day cycle or as needed. Mowing height during the spring and fall will be about 3.5". The higher level helps keep the turf dense, relieves heat and drought stress, and helps discourage competition from weeds. Mower blades are sharpened and cleaned at least every other day to ensure a clean cut. Edging of encroaching turf from concrete curbs, sidewalks, and driveways are performed every other mow to maintain a clean, neat edge.


Lime helps restore proper pH balance to your lawn which prevents yellow, weedy, bare patches. We test your soil so our lawn care experts can prepare the proper application of calcium and magnesium-rich materials for your unique lawn needs. Lime adds necessary nutrients and nourishes essential lawn bacteria for a healthier, greener, lush lawn. 


Mulching and garden bed clean-up and preparation include removal of leaves, grass, weeds, and debris from all garden bed areas. We trench the edges of mulch beds to re-establish the garden bed lines to help retain the mulch and prevent mulch spread. Proper mulching of your garden beds and trees will give your property a crisp, clean, and manicured look, and significantly reduce weed growth and irrigation needs. We recommend maintaining a mulch depth of approximately 2 to 3 inches.


Professional shrub and tree pruning and trimming prevent limb damage and maintain shape and proper growth. Our professional pruning services will enhance the natural beauty of your trees and shrubs and protect them from damage. Lawn area trees (up to 16-feet max height) are pruned with dead limbs removed as needed once per year. Lawn area shrubs are sheared and/or hand pruned to maintain the individual shape and unique characteristics of each plant. All debris and clippings are removed. We recommend pruning and trimming services in spring, summer, and fall.


We use only the highest quality lawn seed for seeding or hydroseeding your lawn. The regular lawn seeding process is applied in multiple steps with seed, mulch, and fertilizer. Hydroseeding is recommended for larger areas where all lawn seed components are applied at the same time. Our professional hydroseeding equipment applies a consistent, thorough amount of grass seed and fertilizer for a robust, dense, green lawn. 


Soil tests help diagnose nutrient needs and potential diseases in your lawn's soil. Our professional soil test analysis identifies the nutrient content and composition of your soil so we can precisely diagnose the fertilizer and disease control needs of your lawn.


Trees often have extensive root systems that can be a challenge to remove. Our tree removal service completely removes the tree and its entire root system to prevent regrowth and allow for the planting of a new tree or a smooth surface for a garden bed or new lawn.


Our comprehensive weed prevention and weed control system minimizes weeds that try to overtake your lawn. In addition to our weed control system, our lawn technicians spray weeds during every fertilizer application to keep them under control all season.

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Protect Your

We Kill Disease Carrying Mosquitos, Fleas & Ticks
Professional Insect Control Services

Disease-carrying mosquitos, ticks, fleas, and other insects put your family and pets at risk. JD Lawn Services offers kid and pet-friendly pest control services that kill nuisance insects while protecting beneficial insects, birds, and other wildlife. 

Enjoy your Mosquito Free Yard Again

Mosquitoes reproduce in the thousands in as little as a tablespoon of standing water. Our professional, trained applicators treat all areas around your home and throughout your yard, to kill larvae and fully grown mosquitos to prevent their spread and health risks to you and your family.


Mosquito Treatment Plan (5 applications per year)

Treatments are applied to adult mosquito breeding areas, plant foliage, and mulch areas. Treatments are applied approx. 4-6 weeks apart in peak season.

Get Rid of Dangerous Ticks

Ticks in Virginia carry a wide range of diseases including potentially debilitating Lime Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The large deer population contributes to a broad distribution of deer ticks. Even treated pets can carry ticks from your yard, into your home. Our pest control treatments kill ticks where they live and prevent their reproduction so you can enjoy outdoor activities without worry.

Protect Your Pets & Furniture from Flea Infestations

Fleas carry diseases such as Bubonic Plague and can infect your pets with health issues such as heartworms and parasitic dermatitis. Pets can bring difficult to remove fleas into your home, infesting sofas, carpets, and beds. Prevent fleas and keep your home flea-free with our insect control treatment plan.

Mosquito Control
JD Lawn Irrigation Service Manassas VA

Lawn Irrigation Systems

We Work with the Best Brands in the Business

Lawn Irrigation Systems
JD Lawn Service Hunter Lawn Irrigation Manassas VA
JD Lawn Service Rain Bird Lawn Irrigation Manassas VA
JD Lawn Service Rachio Lawn Irrigation Manassas VA
JD Lawn Service Lawn Irrigation Manassas VA



Protect Your Investment! A properly maintained landscape irrigation system is an efficient irrigation system. The majority of irrigation problems are maintenance-related. It should be thoroughly inspected, maintained, and properly winterized to prevent frozen lines and to ensure your lawn irrigation system operates at peak efficiency each spring. We currently offer our clients an annual maintenance program that includes the following:

  • Irrigation Backflow Testing

  • Irrigation Installation

  • Sprinkler Head Replacement

  • Water Line Winterization

  • System Testing 

  • Design & Installation

Your Lawn Irrigation System Spring Start-Up

Our spring service for your lawn irrigation system is performed after all danger of freezing weather has passed.  If needed, we re-install your backflow device. We program your water system controller and confirm the backup battery is working. We check your rain sensor operation and all sprinklers for proper flow, coverage, and potential leaks. We adjust sprinklers and spray patterns to ensure thorough, complete irrigation of every corner of your lawn. We clear any clogged water nozzles and identify any damaged or malfunctioning irrigation components.

Mid-Season Checks (Summer and Early Fall)

Mid-season lawn irrigation system checks are available upon request. We inspect your lawn irrigation system for proper operation. In June, we increase run times to prepare for the hot summer months. In September, we check all sprinklers for proper operation and decrease the run times suitable for our fall climate.

Late Fall Shut Down & Winterization

Prior to the season's first freeze, we turn off the irrigation system at Its water source. We disconnect and remove the backflow prevention device and place it in your garage for safekeeping, unplug any pump, and/or disconnect any fertilizer injectors. We drain down any hose bibs that may be connected to the system. We use an air compressor of sufficient size to purge the water from the valves, pipes, and sprinklers in order to maintain the integrity of the system and prevent freeze damage over the winter months.


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